Silverlight Out-of-Box Launcher crash after Seesmic update

After launching Seesmic this morning, it recommended I update to the most recent version – Seesmic Desktop 2, version, released on 1/13/2011.  After verifying that I have the correct version of Silverlight, 4.0.51204.0, I let Seesmic update itself.  When it was done, it said I would have to restart Seesmic to use the new version, so I exited the application.  Then this popped up:


Notice that the exception occurred in coreclr.dll.  A very brief online search indicates that this may not be specific to Silverlight; at least one case I saw was in .NET 3.x.

The full problem signature details are:

Problem signature:

Problem Event Name:        APPCRASH

Application Name:        sllauncher.exe

Application Version:        4.0.51204.0

Application Timestamp:        4cf9ee78

Fault Module Name:        coreclr.dll

Fault Module Version:        4.0.51204.0

Fault Module Timestamp:        4cf9e8f2

Exception Code:        8013150a

Exception Offset:        0013d256

OS Version:        6.1.7600.

Locale ID:        1033

Additional Information 1:        b76a

Additional Information 2:        b76aff7421cdd15f7b21d933c977a4f7

Additional Information 3:        b56d

Additional Information 4:        b56d590e599ff3a2de6d2ac24a1d1c63

Hopefully this will be helpful to someone.

Dell Precision M6500 Stability Problems

During the time that I’ve had a Dell M6500 I’ve really enjoyed it.  In particular I like its dual-drive and RAID 0 support for better disk I/O, and its support for up to 32 GB of RAM.  The striped drives have definitely been an improvement over laptops’ consistent problem of painfully slow disk I/O.  When I bought it I never imagined I’d boost it all the way to 32 GB, but didn’t want to be stuck at 4 or 8 GB either.

Unfortunately, my M6500 is very unstable.  The stability problem almost always manifests itself as a hard reset – i.e., no blue screen, no warning, etc.  It’s just like the days before NT (Win 3.x, etc.) when you’d push the computer’s reset button.  Bam!  Straight to boot sequence & BIOS screen!

The resets are highly unpredictable as well.  Sometimes I’ll go a week without having one, and sometimes I’ll have 15 – 20 times a day!  I’ve searched and tried so many different things that I can’t remember them all any more.  At one point I was convinced the network drivers were the problem because resets seemed to occur during heavy network traffic.  But then something I found online made me suspect the low-level drivers of Microsoft Security Essentials (blogged here), but the resets continued.

Then, I thought I’d have a break-through!  An actual Blue Screen instead of a hard reset!  (BSOD’d Again! Windows 7, 64-bit), but that turned out to be a dead-end, too.

Oh wait! Now I remember that my first suspicion was VirtualBox which I use for virtualized development environments.  That was even before I suspected the network drivers.  I uninstalled VBox and switched to VMWare Workstation for a couple of weeks, but the resets occurred whether I was using a VM or not.

Sigh.  The only consistency I have found is the instability’s randomness.  And that’s certainly no help for diagnosis.  So, I’ve spent the past 24 hours ensuring I have all of the most recent Dell-recommended firmware and software updates for the M6500.  Fingers crossed that this will have magically fixed the reset problems.  If not, hopefully someone else has had similar problems and will be able to tell me how to resolve them.


AccessViolationException During VS2010 Debugging in VBox

If you’re using VirtualBox to host a development environment for Visual Studio 2010, this info may be helpful to you.  During debug sessions, you may receive the following exception:

Access Violation Exception in VS2010 guest in VirtualBox
Access Violation Exception in VS2010 guest in VirtualBox

I resolved this problem by disabling VBox’s Nested Paging option for memory.  You’ll need to shut-down the guest OS, open its settings in VBox, and turn off the Nested Paging option.

VirtualBox Guest Settings Dialog, System/Acceleration/Enable Nested Paging Turned Off
VirtualBox Guest Settings Dialog

For reference, my configuration is:

Base OS: Windows 7 x64

Virtualization Host: VirtualBox 3.2.8

Guest OS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Standard

Visual Studio 2010 10.0.30319.1 RTMRel