Analysis: CloudReplica’s Unlimited VM Instances Model

When I first saw the announcement (HT HPCInTheCloud) that CloudReplica is offering unlimited

When I first saw CloudReplica Announces Unlimited Virtual Machine Licensing (HT HPCInTheCloud), my first thought was that they might start driving down VM and Instance pricing in the cloud.  As I read further, however, I realized that’s not the case.

The trigger for my disappointment was the final paragraph of the announcement:

CloudReplica’s unlimited virtual machine license for Standard Edition is priced at $1,500 per month and is available immediately. Support is available for an unlimited number of Windows virtual machines using VMware or Microsoft® Hyper-V™ Server 2008 R2 virtualization platforms.

Hmmm. $1,500 / month.  How does that compare with other solutions?

VM TypeMonthly Account FeeCost/HrCost/MonthVM CountTotal Monthly Cost
Amazon EC2Small$0.12$87.6017$1,489.20
Rackspace Cloud Server1 GB$100$0.08$58.4023$1,443.20
2 GB$100$0.16$116.8011$1,384.80

In order to realize the cost benefits of “unlimited,” you might want to consider CloudReplica if you have (or need) more than 17 Small Instance VMs at Amazon or more than 23 of Rackspace’s 1 GB instances.  That’s a bunch of VMs to manage!  If you are using Amazon’s Large Instance or Rackspace’s next step up, 2 GB Cloud Server, the comparatives drop to 4 and 11.

Methodology (briefly)

As you should expect, the above analysis is not exhaustive.  Each vendor not only has different pricing levels, but unique pricing models as well.  Some charge for bandwidth consumption (ingress / egress), while some don’t.  Some charge differently for Linux instances than Windows.  Only Windows pricing was considered in this analysis since that is what CloudReplica offers.

The instance types used for comparison in this analysis were:

VM TypeRAM (GB)Local Storage (GB)Comments
CloudReplica???Web site unclear on sizes.
Amazon EC2Small1.7160
Large7.5850BIG jump from Small
Rackspace Cloud Server1 GB1.040
2 GB2.080