Is Apple Boxing Itself In Again?

Dana Blankenhorn has an interesting article on ZDNet today, Open source benefits from 7th circle of Apple hell.  He recounts a trip with a friend to an Apple Store in Atlanta and says, “Three hours later I realized that Apple is back in the same box Steve Jobs put it in over 25 years ago.”  Intriguing comment!

The friend’s iPhone was on the fritz, after waiting for more than one-hour in two separate lines at the Apple Store, Dana’s friend wisely gave up on the Apple Store.  Fortunately, there was an AT&T store nearby and resolved the iPhone problem by … selling Dana’s friend an Android phone!  Dana says, “A half-hour or so later my friend was a happy Android user, asking me if I wanted an iBrick.”

He goes on to say that Apple’s support model, particularly through retail stores, doesn’t scale.  Apple’s “insistence on complete control meant it couldn’t meet demand.”

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