REST, Versioning & Religion, Part I

Have you been tracking opinions on the “right” way to version REST API’s?  Don’t miss out on the fun!  If you’d like to get a brief overview of the matrix of possibilities, check out Troy Hunt’s Your API Versioning Is Wrong.  Although this is an oldie, it’s definitely a goodie!  Reading it will give you a brief glimpse into the religious nature of REST advocates.

In case you’re of the TLDR persuasion, here’s a quick summary:


  • REST proposes that the URL (sans query) specifies the resource.
  • Services need some manner of versioning.  IOW, it’s impossible to design and implement the perfect service which never changes.


  • Does that mean that service API’s (URL) should be versioned?  Well, that depends on your religious views.  Does the resource really change?
  • Oh, so the representations should be versioned? Maybe. It really depends on your religious views.

So stick around to get *all the answers in Part II!

* – refers to opinions you’re likely to disagree with, possibly with religious fervor.

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