Best Practice for Endorsing on LinkedIn

“And now for something completely different!” Yes, this is a bit off-beat for us, but we think you’ll be glad to learn a better way to endorse people on LinkedIn.

Recently LinkedIn has more aggressively elicited your endorsement for people in your network.  You are presented with four people from your network along with just one skill per person.


You have the option of endorsing all of them at once, or one person at a time. Regardless of which path you take, you are only able to endorse one skill per person.  We want endorsements on LinkedIn to be meaningful, so we prefer to endorse multiple skills for one person at a time.  Here’s what we do…

First, go to the person’s profile page.  From the four person endorsement grid, you can right-click their picture and open a new browser tab or window. Alternatively, you can search for them or find them in your network other ways.

Once you are on the person’s profile page, simply use your mouse to hover over the drop-down indicator to the right of the Send a message button.


Hovering will cause the drop-down menu to appear, from which you will select Endorse skills & expertise.  Now LinkedIn adds endorsement to the top of the person’s profile page.


Within the endorsement area, you can add skills you want to endorse, remove skills you do not want to endorse, etc.  After completing the set of skills you want to endorse for that person, click the Endorse button. 

By the way, the person you have endorsed can remove your endorsement if they disagree with it for any reason. So we think it’s worthwhile to add skills you believe the person demonstrates.

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