Windows Azure Management Portal in Firefox, Moonlight on Linux


We have Arch Linux running on a 7 year old Dell desktop. It’s an oldie, but a goodie.  The combination of Arch with LXDE makes for a good administrative machine – email, web browsing, bittorrents, etc.  We had tried using the Silverlight-based Windows Azure Management Portal on this machine – using Mono’s Moonlight as the the Silverlight for Linux – but found enough hiccups that we stopped wasting our time.  When Windows Azure began offering its HTML5-based management portal, our interest in managing our Azure systems from Linux was renewed.  Here’s a brief review of our experience:

Using Firefox 13.0.1 on Arch Linux, we opened After signing in, we were left on what appeared to be a blank page.  On right-clicking the page, we learned that it was actually trying to use Silverlight, and the Moonlight implementation didn’t seem to be rendering correctly.  We wondered why we hadn’t been given a choice between Silverlight and HTML5 – we seem to remember that in Win7+ IE.

We uninstalled Moonlight in hopes that the portal’s page code would opt for HTML5 when no Silverlight support was detected. Unfortunately, the portal’s entry page just showed the familiar “To view this content, please install Silverlight….”

Disappointed, again.  The management portal doesn’t seem to detect the lack of Silverlight support and redirect to the HTML5 version.  The user is not presented a choice of which to use. And either the Moonlight implementation or the portal implementation in Silverlight don’t work correctly.

UPDATE: After tweeting that the portal wasn’t working in our config, we quickly received a response from @ScottGu saying that we need to use for the HTML5 portal. (Whether the tweet came from the real Scott Guthrie or a ghost tweeter, we don’t know). We were immediately pleased to find that the HTML5 portal worked very well in our non-Microsoft config! Kudos to Microsoft and the Windows Azure team for delivering cross-platform, cross-browser management tools – well done!

UPDATE 2: The portal link/button on navigates to (which requires Silverlight).  If you want to use the HTML5-based management portal, be sure to open directly.

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