Why SQLCraftsman gave VirtualBox the boot

My friend Geoff, a.k.a., SQLCraftsman, recently tried to use VirtualBox 4.x for his SQL Server virtual lab needs.  Here’s his post on why VirtualBox lost out to VMWare Workstation.

In his post he mentions the lopsided nature of the VirtualBox support communities.

“Read the forums and you will see typical open source arrogance towards anyone who isn’t a Linux guru, even when asking on the Windows forums.”

Sigh. It’s too true.  Windows functionality and support are after-thoughts, relegated to second class at best.  The *nix community should see that VirtualBox is a great migration path for Windows users – the majority of my VBox VMs are either FreeBSD, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu Server, or Linux Mint.  I’ve really enjoyed getting to know and using these OS’s, but much of the arrogance I encounter keeps me out of the fold (“Good riddance!” some may say)

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