When Free Is Not Enough

Beginning today, Microsoft is offering developers free access to Windows Azure through the end of June.  The offer includes compute time, storage space, SQL Azure database and AppFabric features for Access Control and Service Bus.  See the announcement for details.

This offer should be very appealing to many, many developers and ISVs.  Interestingly, it is not a compelling offer for us.  Why not?  Well, I think the answer is worth passing on.

Microsoft’s free Azure offer is not valuable to those already developing on Azure.  Two perspectives on this fact are:

  • Microsoft has carefully crafted the offer in order to keep paying customers paying
  • Cloud computing is so cheap that the transition cost to “free” is too expensive

I don’t see much value in arguing one way or another about the first point.  Our speculation on this point is no more (or less) valuable than anyone else’s.  We are living proof of the second point, however.  Our monthly Azure expenses are so low, that it’s not work the effort to temporarily switch to “free” and switch back when it runs out.  In this case, the opportunity cost (of lost development work, etc.) is far higher than “free.”

Sometimes free just isn’t enough!

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