Azure 1.3 SDK Refresh, Problems!

Microsoft released a patch (aka “refresh”) for the Windows Azure 1.3 SDK. As per the announcement, the security vulnerability is serious, but its impact is limited.  None of our Azure apps, nor of our customers, is affected.

Regardless, we aim to keep up with the leading edge, so we quickly applied the patch.  Unfortunately, the patch seems to have broken our dev environments.  Here’s a quick run-down:

  1. At least one environment installed the patch while VS2010 was still running.  The installer didn’t complain, and no Azure-related projects were loaded in VS.  After applying the patch and then opening Azure projects, the Azure assemblies (e.g., Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage) had to be refreshed (remove & add) in the projects.
  2. Rebuilding Azure projects encounters this error:

“WAT050 : The version of the Windows Azure SDK currently installed is not compatible with this version of Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio.  Please download and install the latest version of both the Windows Azure SDK and the Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio    C:Program Files (x86)MSBuildMicrosoftCloud Service1.0Visual Studio 10.0Microsoft.CloudService.targets”

Analysis & Resolution

Regarding #2 above: as best as we can tell, it appears that the original Azure 1.3 SDK was less sensitive to the version of Azure Tools for Visual Studio (VSCloudService.exe) was installed.  Environments that don’t have the most recent version of VSCloudService work fine with the original 1.3 SDK, but this refresh doesn’t.  Resolution: Install most recent version of VSCloudService.

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