OpenStack Storage: Not Just for Rackspace Anymore

From yesterday’s CloudScaling blog: OpenStack Object Storage Moves Beyond Rackspace.  This post reiterates that OpenStack was initially created by Rackspace and NASA, that Rackspace has been offering cloud-based storage via OpenStack, and that CloudScaling has recently assisted another company develop a commercial offering using OpenStack.

At first glance, I suspected the unnamed company was Internap and referred to their XIPCloud offering.  But CloudScaling’s blog refers to the company as “a Tier 1 ISP.”   The last I checked, Internap was Tier 2 at best, although it has good relationships with, and subs to, most Tier 1’s.

Regardless, this is good news for OpenStack.  The first major, outside adopter is often the most difficult.  If this second adopter has commercial success, others will quickly follow.  Let’s hope that adopters will also pony up development and test resources as well — OpenStack certainly needs it, particularly in language SDKs (PHP, Java, .NET, etc.)

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