Internap Launches XIPCloud beta

In the news today: Internap announced its cloud storage offering, XIPCloud™.  As per the announcement, the advantages are:

  1. “High performance” due to their own “patented Managed Internet Route Optimizer™ (MIRO) technology.”  The announcement was not clear, however, on how this improves performance.
  2. “Open” due to leveraging

They also list “Available” and “Secure” as advantages, yet these do not distinguish them from other cloud storage providers.

So, what’s the best feature of XIPCloud?  It’s really inexpensive – well, for a little while.  During the beta period (currently through July 31, 2011), XIPCloud costs just a penny / GB / month for storage space and egress.  Wow! 1 TB of storage for just $10.24 / month! Their pricing page indicates that storage space and egress bandwidth are each just $0.01 /GB/m; ingress bandwidth is free.  Pretty good if you don’t mind working with OpenStack’s Swift.

They also show that CDN egress pricing will be just a penny / GB / month during beta, but the disclaimer is “Pricing for CDN dependent on availability of new feature.”  So, when (and if) CDN becomes available, you’ll get cheap egress there, too, until 7/31/11.

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