Silverlight Out-of-Box Launcher crash after Seesmic update

After launching Seesmic this morning, it recommended I update to the most recent version – Seesmic Desktop 2, version, released on 1/13/2011.  After verifying that I have the correct version of Silverlight, 4.0.51204.0, I let Seesmic update itself.  When it was done, it said I would have to restart Seesmic to use the new version, so I exited the application.  Then this popped up:


Notice that the exception occurred in coreclr.dll.  A very brief online search indicates that this may not be specific to Silverlight; at least one case I saw was in .NET 3.x.

The full problem signature details are:

Problem signature:

Problem Event Name:        APPCRASH

Application Name:        sllauncher.exe

Application Version:        4.0.51204.0

Application Timestamp:        4cf9ee78

Fault Module Name:        coreclr.dll

Fault Module Version:        4.0.51204.0

Fault Module Timestamp:        4cf9e8f2

Exception Code:        8013150a

Exception Offset:        0013d256

OS Version:        6.1.7600.

Locale ID:        1033

Additional Information 1:        b76a

Additional Information 2:        b76aff7421cdd15f7b21d933c977a4f7

Additional Information 3:        b56d

Additional Information 4:        b56d590e599ff3a2de6d2ac24a1d1c63

Hopefully this will be helpful to someone.

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