Process Explorer 14.01 Revives Single View of Indicators

You just gotta love the SysInternals team’s responsiveness!  Just last week I wrote that didn’t like how the v14 release of Process Explorer did not include a single view of all the System Information indicators.  Yes, it’s nice to have an independent view of each indicator on its own tab, but I still want the synchronous summary view.

Say hello to Process Explorer v14.01!  In this release, the team added (revived) the Summary tab to the System Information dialog.

Process Explorer v14.01 - System Information Summary tab screenshot
Process Explorer v14.01 - System Information Summary tab

Summary view, it’s good to have you back!  You’ll notice that this view is not quite the same as the original (pre-v14.x) dialog.  (See prior post for v12 screenshot).  The Summary tab really is a summary of the other three tabs:  CPU Usage History from the CPU tab; Commit & Physical Memory Histories from the Memory tab; I/O, Network and Disk Bytes History from the I/O tab.

Unfortunately, the Summary view does not offer Show one graph per CPU support, so you only get the aggregated graph.  That’s not such a big deal though.  A nice to have feature, however, would be the ability to double-click a graph on the Summary tab which would navigate you to the appropriate detail tab.

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