RockMelt = Installer Melt on Windows 7

I was excited today to get my invitation to try RockMelt – I’m really curious to see what they’ve put together web browsing and social networking. “Your Browser. Re-Imagined.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the kind of Melt experience I wanted. I downloaded the little (~500kB) installer and launched it. More specifically, I launched it using Run as administrator since, as per the Principle of Least Privilege, I was logged in as a User.  This typically works fine for most recent installers – they’ve learned how to do their work using an admin’s credentials and installing for all users.  RockMelt’s installer isn’t working correctly, however.  The installer completed (downloaded more files, installed, etc.) without error, so everything looked good.  But there was no RockMelt in the start menu, etc.  Hmmm, what’s going on?

I figured it was a problem with running as different credentials from the current user, so I:

  • Uninstalled RockMelt (as an admin, still logged in as low-priv user)
  • Logged off & logged back in with an admin account
  • Re-installed RockMelt

Ok, all should be good, right?  Well, not exactly.  When I tried to launch RockMelt from the start menu, I got this error:

RockMelt - Launch Error
RockMelt - Launch Error

It turns out now that it doesn’t matter how I’m logged in when I run the installer, it always uses the first user’s AppData path.  So, for example, if AdminDude launches the installer, the shortcut points to C:UsersDudeAppDataLocal…. because Dude was the logged in user the very first time I ran the installer.  It’s probably just some registry data, but I don’t want to spend time hunting it down.  Maybe they’ll resolve it in a future release.  Regardless I Shoulda Used a VM! #ShouldaUsedAVM

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