Cheat Sheet: Cloud Computing Predictions for 2011

It’s that time of year for big, bold predictions what will occur next year.  I won’t pretend to be much of a prognosticator.  Instead, I’ll distill a few down so you don’t have to read so many.

First up is James Staten of Forrester Research: Cloud predictions for 2011: Gains from early experiences come alive


  • Most companies building internal private clouds will fail
  • Predicts that hosted private clouds will outnumber internal private by 3 to 1
  • Cloud economics will kick in
  • Information is power & will be profit center, but BI gap will widen

Next, Gordon Haff article on CNET: Cloud-computing predictions for 2011


  • Standardization will remain elusive
  • Security-related discussions will become more specific (from the current ‘generic’)
  • Start-up acquisitions continue; rounding out existing portfolios

Corp. piece: Quest Software Unveils 2011 Predictions for Cloud Computing…


  • Competition for market dominance heats up — Amazon, Google & Microsoft top the market today
  • IT will go for cloud-based email first
  • Federation: about a third of IT survey respondents will use identity federation by end of 2011
  • Tech investments switch from cost-cutting back to opportunistic

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